Desktop repair

Do you have problems with Windows? Has it been slow down? Did you got virus? You found the right place, nobody can beat our prices. We will install a fresh windows and transfer your personal data (upto 100GB) for only $69.95

Repair Time: 3 Hours

PRICE : $69.95

Your iMac has slowed down?Need to upgrade the hard drive? We have the best price in town. This service includes the restoration of your old system backup. 

Repair Time: 5 Hours

PRICE : $99.95

Desktop Motherboard REPLACEMENT
Did you have a liquid damage? Nothing works anymore? We will replace your iMac Motherboard  with the best price available in town.

Repair Time: 5 Hours

PRICE: $89.95

*All of our repair services comes with 1 Year Warranty.

**Please call to get a quote for other problems.

***Our prices does not include the parts, it is labor only. You have option to bring your own part, or we can purchase in front of you. We believe in transparent business, and we will not mark up on any part replacement.