iPhone 5 Screen Repair / part replacement price list

iPhone 5  Screen Repair 

Did you drop your iPhone 5 and realize you have a cracked  screen?  Do you have a broken glass or LCD?   We will fix your iPhone 5 Screen in 30 minutes, and your LCD condition does not matter, plus you will receive 1 year warranty.  We have the best service and price in town.

Repair Time: 30 MINS

PRICE : $39.95

iPhone 5  Battery Replacement

iPhone 5 not holding a charge for very long? Dying to quick? Have it fixed in 20 minutes.

PRICE : $19.95

iPhone 5  homebutton repair

Has your home button stopped working on your iPhone 5 or has it become really hard to push in order to work? 20 min Repair

PRICE : $9.95

iPhone 5  charging port repair

Is your iPhone 5 not charging, connecting to your computer or only working intermittently? Fixed in just 30 minutes.
PRICE: $19.95
*All of our repair services comes with 1 Year Warranty.