Our Promise

We understand how frustrating it can be to break your smartphone screen, we have been there. We believe you would agree that frustration turns into an avoidance when you find out how expensive is to fix that small screen, we have been there also.

Our promise is, we will keep the prices little above then DIY solutions, and way below the competition. Our experience in business taught us that profit maximization and customer satisfaction does have an uninterrupted relation. Simply one goes up the other goes down. We reason everyone agrees upon an equilibrium solution, we promise we will make a sizable amount of profit while maximizing the customer satisfaction.

Your satisfaction will be fixing your smartphone for a magnificent amount below then the market price with in minutes, meanwhile we will be making generous amount of profit. How this is possible? Please read our “Trade Secrets” section.

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Trade Secrets

Honestly there is not so much of a trade secret about smart phone repair business. Simply you unscrew several screws, apply a heat gun (when it is necessary) and replace the part, apply adhesive (when it is needed), then put the screws back in place. If you do not want to believe us, please pick a couple of YouTube videos from thousands available, which emphasizes on how to fix smartphones.
Some would say replacing car parts would be similar, yes you can do it yourself by watching YouTube videos too, as long has you have all the expensive tools and time in hand. Did you know the whole tool set to replace a smartphone screen costs $7 (in cases when you do not need a heat gun and adhesive)?

Let’s do a comparison summary how much it will cost to DIY screen replacement and how much we charge for the service.

DIY Screen Replacement

Ingredients you need:

1-piece LCD/Digitizer Assembly
1-piece tool set
Maybe Heat Gun
Maybe Adhesive
Several YouTube videos

Let’s start with an iPhone 5 series screen replacement:

You can find an iPhone 5 series complete screen assembly for $20 in any auction website such as eBay, and at the same site (most likely from the same seller) you can find the necessary tool kit set for $7, when you mix these two with couple YouTube videos, you will fix your iPhone 5 series screen in the total cost of $27 plus your time spent for DIY.

We fix iPhone 5 series for $39.99, you will pay $13 more in comparison to DIY.

If your case is iPhone 6 then only the screen cost is a variable which in this case it will be $30 instead of $20. So your total cost will be $37 plus your time to fix.

We fix iPhone 6 for $44.99, you will pay $8 more in comparison to DIY.

If you have a broken iPhone 6s then DIY screen replacement will be $30 Screen + $7 tool kit + $7 adhesive + $20 Heat Gun= $64 plus your time.

We fix iPhone 6s for $69.95, you will pay $5 more in comparison to DIY.

Surely our cost is less then your DIY cost, we buy screens cheaper, we use same $20 Heat Gun along with $7 tool set endless times, and $7 adhesive is also enough to fix 100 phones. That is how we are going to keep our promise of maximizing the customer satisfaction meanwhile generating remarkable amount of profit for our company.